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Tigers represent the ACT at Sydney Nationals

An amazing number of Ginninderra's best Little Athletes have been selected for the ACT to compete at the School Sport Australia 10 to 12 years National Championships in Sydney this weekend.

The team includes the following athletes:

  1. Chloe Smith
  2. Andrew Camp-Liddiard
  3. Ryan Cuzner
  4. Samuel Baird
  5. Hayden Todd
  6. Owen Hromow
  7. James Lemon
  8. Jacinta Henderson
  9. Andrew Macfarlane
  10. Josh Phongkam
  11. Kayla Hetaraka
  12. Matthew Ikoro
  13. Amalie Leslie
  14. Nathaniel Halpin
  15. Chris Mecham

Ginninderra is very proud and excited for all the Boys and Girls who have been selected to represent the ACT. This year's cohort join the 18 athletes who represented the ACT at last year's championships. Selection is based on performances at the 2016 ACT Primary School Championships. We wish everyone the very best and good luck.

If there are other athletes who made the team and we haven't heard about please contact us so we can give them the recognition that they deserve.

Tigers named in Territory Nationals team

Following the ACT Primary Schools and the ACT Secondary Schools state championships, a number of very lucky Ginninderra Athletes have been selected in the ACT team to compete at Nationals.

Across the two teams, an astonishing thirty-six Tigers have made the cut, which is a huge improvement on the 28 representatives who were selected last year.

The Primary School team gets to travel to the AIS for their championships whilst the Secondary School Students make their way to Melbourne this season.

Congratulations go to everyone who made the team and we wish you all the best in your events.

Primary School

  1. Jacob Davill
  2. Trystan Fox
  3. Chris Mecham
  4. Matthew Ikoro
  5. Hayden Todd
  6. Owen Hromow
  7. James Lemon
  8. Austin Tetteh
  9. Ethan Robards
  10. Matilda James
  11. Bianca Kimpton
  12. Bethany Schulhin
  13. Chelsea Tobin
  14. Hannah Cadden
  15. Charlotte Rauraa
  16. Amalie Leslie
  17. Nathaniel Halpin
  18. Csenge Keszei

Secondary School

  1. Molly Sturgiss
  2. Megan Freeman
  3. Ruth Carson
  4. Layla Rowntree
  5. Angela Riach
  6. Lucy Ferry
  7. Rebecca Jarvis
  8. Jeremy Maranan
  9. Mitchell Foster
  10. Eden Thomas
  11. Samuel Wade
  12. Joshua Beale
  13. David Sim
  14. Mitchell Baker
  15. Stephen Fraser
  16. Matt Walters
  17. Tristan Vergano
  18. Nicholas Ashmore

Enjoy athletics your way

If you discovered athletics at School this winter, come along and give it a try with the Tigers this summer starting on 10th October. Ginninderra will hold a free Come & Try Day at Charnwood Oval from 08:30am.

There are events for the youngest family members from 3 to 4 years (Tiny Tots), 5 to 6 years (Tiger Cubs), 7 to 11 years (Junior Tigers) and 12 years & up (Senior Tigers).

Each weekend a taste of the best events are on offer in each age group and athletes can pick and choose what they want to do with participation always encouraged.

Little Athletics is all about family fun and fitness. A morning with the Tigers is all that and more. Get an activity fix, cheer on your friends and sing along to the best music as it pumps you up for your next PB. Meet new friends, learn new skills and improve agility, join a training squad and make the experience your own.

Why wait? Sign up online or this weekend Ginninderra is holding its Registration Days on Friday (6-9pm) and Saturday (9-12pm) at Kippax Fair. Everyone is welcome at the Tigers!

Cross Country Tigers off to Melbourne

On the 29th of August 2015 Ginninderra's best Cross Country runners will take on the rest of Australia at the School Sport Australia National Cross Country Championships in Melbourne.

The Tigers feature plenty of experience and some new blood at this year's event. James Lemon will be hoping to go one better in Melbourne and claim his first gold medal at Nationals having finished second last year.

Hannah Cadden, Andrew McFarlane, Layla Rowntree and Rebecca Jarvis also return to give it their all at the Moonee Valley Racecourse venue. They all performed exceptionally well in 2014 with some really strong performances.

Joining the Tiger Cohort for their first Nationals are Jacob Davill, Meg Freeman and Jordan King. All very deserving of their place at the pinnacle competition for cross country athletes in Australia.

Experience the course for yourself by watching the video and perhaps you can give a tip or two to your favourite Tiger!!


Ginninderra wish every athlete the very best and hope the ACT have a great championships with lots of fun, great memories and a few PBs!

Details on the Course Map and Program follow:


School Sport Athletics 2015

Ginninderra wishes all its athletes the very best for the School Sport Athletics Season over the Autumn to Spring period. Athletes can enjoy Cross Country and Track & Field competitions for 12 Years and Under (12Yr&U) as well as 13 Years and Over (13Y&O) competitions.

School Carnivals will be held at Charnwood Oval in preparation and Schools are most welcome to utilise Ginninderra's fantastic community facilities and equipment. Students are welcome to get in touch with the Tigers' Coaches in preparation for their carnivals.

If running or walking lots is more your thing, you can join Ginninderra's Cross Country and RunACT squad.

Keep in touch with the Club by posting your school and fun run performances on MyResults. Let the Tigers online result system keep track of all of your performances no matter where you perform them.

Dates to Remember in 2015

  • 19th May: Nth Gungahlin 12Yr&U Cross Country, 13Y&O Nth Cross Country, Stromlo Forest Park
  • 22nd May: Belconnen Cross Country, Stromlo Forest Park
  • 1st June: ACT Combined 12Yr&U, 13Y&O Cross Country, Stromlo Forest Park
  • 18th August: 12Yr&U North Gungahlin Track & Field, AIS Athletics Track
  • 20th August: 12Yr&U Belconnen Track & Field, AIS Athletics Track
  • 28th - 31st August: 12Yr&U School Sport Australia Cross Country, Melbourne
  • 15th September: 12Yr&U ACT PSSA Track & Field, Woden Park
  • 15th October: ASC Athletics, Venue TBA
  • 20th October: 13Y&O Northside Athletics, AIS Athletics Track
  • 5th November: 13Y&O SSSA Track & Field, AIS Athletics Track
  • 3rd - 7th December: 12Yr&U Australian All Schools, AIS Athletics Track
  • 5th - 7th December: 13Y&O Australian All Schools, Venue TBA
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