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22nd July 2018 High Noon

The Athletics ACT High Noon meet on 22nd July 2018 had some very impressive early season results from members of Ginninderra Athletics.

In the 100m Jeremy Maranan finished second behind the ACT Open Men' champion in 12.18s. Jeremy's team mate Harry Francis (13.04s) won the second heat. Ginninderra's newest dual registered member with Gungahlin Little Athletics Centre Chloe Penfold (15.52s) finished 4th in the Women's race. Brodie Goecke-Beard (13.70s) came second to Harry in their heat.

The 200m again featured Harry Francis (25.68 PB), Brodie Goecke-Beard (29.03), Chloe Penfold (32.20) and their Ginninderra Team mate Jacob Todd (28.03). Harry was fifth fastest overall which is a huge personal best for him. His training with Faye Todd over Winter is really paying off.

Jacob Todd (1:00.64) backed up in the 400m and his brother Hayden Todd (1:01.79) gave the Tigers a second and fourth finish respectively overall.

Hayden Todd (2:13.79) and Jacob Todd (2:11.11) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 800m.

Brodie Goecke-Beard (4.27m) finished 3rd in the Long Jump. Brodie (1.40m) also backed up in the High Jump finishing third overall.

Stephen Fraser (14.39m) threw the furthest in the Men's Shot Put for the win. Stephen (41.84m) and Chloe Penfold (16.91m) both finished in first respectively, Men and Women, in the Discus.

It’s just like Ginninderra, only bigger…

A huge thanks to the 60 members who attended the Special General Meeting today on the merger of Ginninderra Little Athletics Centre (GLAC) and the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club (UCGAC). The fantastic roll-up shows the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm that members have continued to show towards the Tigers since 1976.

An overwhelming unanimous decision was made to merge Little Athletics with UCGAC to form the combined Ginninderra Athletics Club Inc. The decision affects the 650 members of the joint club.

Members endorsed all four of the below motions:

  1. Do you wish to have an amalgamation with UCGAC and GLAC?
  2. Do you want the assets and liabilities of GLAC transferred to Ginninderra Athletics Club (GAC)?
  3. Do you wish to adopt the new GAC constitution?
  4. All life members of GLAC to be recognised as life members of GAC;

The merger is the first of its kind in the ACT with Ginninderra Athletics again leading from the front. It materialises a long held view within the Tigers of One Sport, One Athlete, One Club with pathways to an engaged athlete across their athletics career and a sustainable club to support them. Ginninderra Athletics Club is now on par with the leading athletics clubs in Australia and with one of the largest and broadest memberships.

From a 30,000 foot view not much will change on the ground at Ginninderra Athletics this coming season. However the ringing endorsement of the merger does however create new opportunities for the joint Club and brings new and exciting pathways for all its members. Over the coming weeks more information will be made available as the Club starts its new season planning in haste this month.

The SGM also elected a new Committee to govern Ginninderra Athletics which comprises former members from both the GLAC and UCGAC Executive. The Club is fortunate to welcome current Para World Champion Cameron Crombie along with new members Phil Ebbott and Martin Ross to the Committee. There is now representation from all sides of the Club including Tiny Tots, Tiger Cubs, Juniors, Seniors, Masters, and Para on the Committee. The richest assortment of talent and background that the Committee has had in years.

The 2018-19 Committee of Ginninderra Athletics is:

  • President: Steve Dodt
  • Vice President: Neil Thomas
  • Treasurer: Emma Fitzpatrick
  • Secretary: Fiona Jarvis (Member Protection Information Officer)
  • Registrar: Jodie Collins (Public Officer)
  • General: Cameron Crombie
  • General: David Lemon (LAACT Board Representative)
  • General: Sarah and Paul Fowler
  • General: Martin Ross
  • General: Phil Ebbott
  • General: Tim and Leanne Porter

The Committee thanks all outgoing Committee members from both sides, welcomes its newest members and is excited what the future holds for Ginninderra Athletics.

Calls for members to participate in non-committee Club Roles will begin soon. If you have an interest or something to offer please speak with the Club President.

Merger: One Tigers – What it all means?

In the lead up to the Special General Meeting to discuss the merger of GLAC with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a series of posts will be posted discussing some of the key background thinking behind the proposal.

What it all means - One Sport, One Athlete, One Club?

The intent of the proposed merger is to be athlete centric and focused around One Sport, One Athlete, One Club with pathways to an engaged athlete across their athletics career and a sustainable club to support them.

The membership of Ginninderra Athletics is as diverse as the events available in the sport. The Club must adapt and cater for all its members.

Our members due to their age and interest may choose to do the sport with our Club either socially or competitively. That same individual over time may change their interests and the Club will cater for them at any stage in their life.

Tiny Tots - ACT Playgroups; Little A's - LAACT; Big A's - AACT; Masters - AMA

In recognition of the diversity of the Club the following Member Scenarios after the merger of UCGAC and GLAC to form Ginninderra Athletics have been identified:

Scenario 1 Jim (3) joins GAC wants to do little A's, does Tiny Tots
Scenario 2 John (7) joins GAC wants to do little A's, does On Track little A's
Scenario 3 Beth (10) joins GAC wants to do little A's, does little A’s
Scenario 4 Deb (13) joins GAC wants to do little A's but not big A's, does little A’s (no dual registration LAACT/AACT)
Scenario 5 Eden (16) joins GAC wants to do little A's and big A's, does little a’s and big a's (dual registration LAACT/AACT)
Scenario 6 Sally (16) joins GAC wants to do big A's, does big A's (no dual registration LAACT/AACT)
Scenario 7 Megan (21) joins GAC wants to do big A's, does big A’s
Scenario 8 Neil (39) joins GAC wants to do big A's and Masters, does big A’s and Masters (dual registration AACT/AMA)
Scenario 9 Sue (28) a mother of two joins GAC wants to do big A's socially and for exercise, does big A’s at Charnwood
Scenario 10 Kelly (14) is a member of Belconnen Little Athletics Centre (BLAC) wants to do big A’s, joins GAC (dual registration LAACT/AACT)
Scenario 11 Joe (14) a current GLAC member and active member of NCG last season re-registers with GAC and wants to continue big a's with NCG, dual registration LAACT/AACT under clause 9 (g) continues to re-register with GAC for little A's and with NCG for big A's
Scenario 12 Mick (14) a current GLAC member not active with AACT decides he wants to do big A's but doesn't believe the GAC pathway is a fit for him. He is free to dual register with his choice of AACT club or just join an AACT affiliated club.


Merger: One Tigers – Investment in our Future

In the lead up to the Special General Meeting to discuss the merger of GLAC with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a series of posts will be posted discussing some of the key background thinking behind the proposal.

Investment in our Future

The merger of the club is not about the big end of town and the members of UCGAC. Ginninderra Athletics has been recognised as being innovative for many years and just not in athletics but right across sport in the ACT, especially when we were awarded the inaugural CBR Sport for Innovation.

The club has always prided itself on making the big calls and investing in our members, facilities and programs to become one of the best Athletics Club in Australia.

The introduction of Tiny Tots was revoluntary for GLAC. No other Little Athletics Centre in the ACT had made such a bold commitment to the future of the club and supported families in such a way. The club has partnered this year with ACT Playgroups to pilot the establishment of a sports playgroup with the hope that the model can be run by other sporting bodies in the years ahead.

The Tiny Tots innovation lead to the necessity of introducing Junior Coaches to support Tiny Tots and our mighty Tiger Cubs in the Under 6s to Under 8s. The majority of our Junior Coaches are members of UCGAC a number of whom are too old for Little Athletics. These older members of our club have been helping to encourage and include our youngest members for the past 4 years. The Junior Coach program has become the envy of clubs across the ACT.

This season the merged club will pilot a National Program from Little Athletics Australia with our Under 6 Boys and Girls. The focus will be skills development and Ginninderra Athletics will be one of 35 Centres across Australia participating. The program will be later rolled out to every LAA Centre in 2019-20 for Under 6s to Under 8s.

Each season Ginninderra Athletics invests $50k in its members. This money pays for coaching, equipment, facilities and development opportunties. The benefit of this has been immense with the club growing in participation numbers and delivering new services each season including our Inclusion Program in partnership with Subway Charnwood.

The Club actively seeks grants and sponsorship opportunities to further increase our investments. The partnerships with our Sponsors, the ACT Government and the University of Canberra have been vital to building a sustainable and dynamic club.

For over 40 years the sport and the club has lacked a connection to its future. With no other viable options or commitments to Ginninderra the future of the club is now in our hands. These investments are therefore made to help build our club and provide benefits to our members.

The reward for Ginninderra Athletics investing in its members is their commitment and participation with the club at all levels from grass roots, social to competitive athletics.

Merging GLAC with UCGAC will marry two sides of the same coin. Bridging the club’s youngest members with the very members who are the future Club Coaches, Committee Members and Volunteers that will drive Ginninderra Athletics now and into 2020 and beyond.

Merger: One Tigers – University of Canberra

In the lead up to the Special General Meeting to discuss the merger of GLAC with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a series of posts will be posted discussing some of the key background thinking behind the proposal.

University of Canberra

In 2015, the Ginninderra Athletics Club affiliated with the University of Canberra to form UCGAC. This was a significant marriage of two long established Belconnen institutions.

GLAC for the past 41 years has been servicing families year on year, yet our oldest members each season departed the club after Under 17s and effectively left the sport.

The formation of UCGAC was in part to reduce the membership churn and build a sustainable model for Ginninderra Athletics moving forward. It was agreed that a two club model be established and that in time the two clubs would merge together.

In the three years since, UCGAC has become more than simply just a pathway for older Little Athletes.

The club has attracted a growing number of  Masters athletes with an interest in social athletics. Training and socialising together using their interest in becoming fitter and healthier as their connection. These members have also joined the committee of the club and help extend Ginninderra Athletics beyond its Little Aths roots.

UCGAC has also built strong relationships with established athletics squads and welcomed these athletes into the club. Ginninderra Athletics can now boldly and proudly count many top Australian Athletes, Coaches and Officials as its members.

Ginninderra Athletics has attracted many tertiary students by providing on campus activities, training and offering services to suit their needs including a Winter Season. UCGAC’s involvement in university sport has also benefited students with access to support and assistance for attending Uni Games and World Universiade, as well as cross training and assistance by UC sporting clubs to qualified speed, agility and fitness coaches to supplement their technical skills program.

The connection with UC extends beyond simply members:

  • The Internship Program has arguably been one of the most successful initiatives to come out of the club in its short existence;
  • Ginninderra Athletics has been making use of UC facilities including sports grounds for training, meeting rooms and the presentation capabilities of the impressive Ann Harding Conference Centre;
  • The UC: Fit gymanisum for Strength and Conditioning training sessions;
  • The partnership with UC Faculties has been wonderful particularly their Masters Program for research and analysis; and
  • UCGAC will host the next Athletics Australia Level 1 Coaching Course in the ACT at UC on the 15th of July;

The merger of Ginninderra Athletics will complete the original vision of One Tigers: one membership, one club, primary to tertiary, tiny tots to masters athletics.

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