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Merger: One Tigers – Investment in our Future

In the lead up to the Special General Meeting to discuss the merger of GLAC with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a series of posts will be posted discussing some of the key background thinking behind the proposal.

Investment in our Future

The merger of the club is not about the big end of town and the members of UCGAC. Ginninderra Athletics has been recognised as being innovative for many years and just not in athletics but right across sport in the ACT, especially when we were awarded the inaugural CBR Sport for Innovation.

The club has always prided itself on making the big calls and investing in our members, facilities and programs to become one of the best Athletics Club in Australia.

The introduction of Tiny Tots was revoluntary for GLAC. No other Little Athletics Centre in the ACT had made such a bold commitment to the future of the club and supported families in such a way. The club has partnered this year with ACT Playgroups to pilot the establishment of a sports playgroup with the hope that the model can be run by other sporting bodies in the years ahead.

The Tiny Tots innovation lead to the necessity of introducing Junior Coaches to support Tiny Tots and our mighty Tiger Cubs in the Under 6s to Under 8s. The majority of our Junior Coaches are members of UCGAC a number of whom are too old for Little Athletics. These older members of our club have been helping to encourage and include our youngest members for the past 4 years. The Junior Coach program has become the envy of clubs across the ACT.

This season the merged club will pilot a National Program from Little Athletics Australia with our Under 6 Boys and Girls. The focus will be skills development and Ginninderra Athletics will be one of 35 Centres across Australia participating. The program will be later rolled out to every LAA Centre in 2019-20 for Under 6s to Under 8s.

Each season Ginninderra Athletics invests $50k in its members. This money pays for coaching, equipment, facilities and development opportunties. The benefit of this has been immense with the club growing in participation numbers and delivering new services each season including our Inclusion Program in partnership with Subway Charnwood.

The Club actively seeks grants and sponsorship opportunities to further increase our investments. The partnerships with our Sponsors, the ACT Government and the University of Canberra have been vital to building a sustainable and dynamic club.

For over 40 years the sport and the club has lacked a connection to its future. With no other viable options or commitments to Ginninderra the future of the club is now in our hands. These investments are therefore made to help build our club and provide benefits to our members.

The reward for Ginninderra Athletics investing in its members is their commitment and participation with the club at all levels from grass roots, social to competitive athletics.

Merging GLAC with UCGAC will marry two sides of the same coin. Bridging the club’s youngest members with the very members who are the future Club Coaches, Committee Members and Volunteers that will drive Ginninderra Athletics now and into 2020 and beyond.

Subway Goodsport Award

This Season, Ginninderra Athletics has partnered with Subway Charnwood to provide one Goodsport Award for the most deserving Boy and Girl in each Age Group every week.

The Goodsport Award will be presented to the Athlete who goes out and beyond in the support, encouragement, determination and exemplification of the ideals of Family Fun and Fitness at Ginninderra Athletics.

Tigers who receive this award will have shown the best of behaviours, showing the best of the Club, that week in their age group.

Subway Charnwood will provide in exchange for the award certificate a Subway Six Inch Sub of the athlete's choice.

Athletes names will appear in the Goodsport Hall of Fame displayed at the Canteen and one lucky Athlete's personal story will be posted on Facebook to accompany their award.

Join Ginninderra Athletics this season and enjoy the Subway Inclusion Program each week with the Tigers.

Sun Smart Tigers all set for season start

The athletes of Ginninderra Athletics will be cooling off between jumps and throws this coming season thanks to the awarding of a Capital Assistance Program Grant from the ACT Government.

The Tigers are investing $22,000 into Facilities Renewal at Charnwood Athletics Field which includes the construction of two 8.8m and 3m Sun Shelters.

The new Shade Structures will be located at either end of the Oval with the first positioned between the Long Jump Pits and the Discus Cages and the second near the Shot Put Circles at the Northern end of the Oval.

The Grant is a continued investment by Ginninderra Athletics and the ACT Government which has seen over $500,000 committed to the Charnwood District Playing Fields in recent years. The support the club receives from its generous Sponsors allows the Tigers to co-fund initiatives such as the Facilities Renewal with the ACT Government.

Tigers find new way to keep cool

Ginninderra Pavilion is a stand out


Tigers find new way to keep cool

Minister for Sport and Recreation, Yvette Berry, has announced that more than $2.7 million will be invested in local sport and recreation as part of the 2017 Sport and Recreation Grants Program and Asset Repair and Maintenance Scheme.

78 applications from 70 organisations will share in more than $2.7m in funding to support the local sport and recreation industry’s continuing endeavours to provide the community with quality, diverse and safe physical activity experiences and places to play.

Ginninderra Athletics received $11,000 as part of the latest Grants Announcement. From the beginning of next season, all athletes and their families will enjoy new shade areas at Charnwood Oval.

Inviting the Fire Brigade will always be a Tiger favourite way to stay cool, but the new shade areas will provide summer long protection every weekend at the track.

The grant will also go towards repairing OH&S issues with the discus cage giving the Tigers the safest start to the new season.

The grant is a 50/50 investment jointly funded with the ACT Government and Ginninderra Athletics' very generous sponsors. The total investment is $22,000. This is the greatest investment at Charnwood since November 2014 when the club had just ticked over $100,000 in investment in the previous five years.

Beyond Bank reward the Tigers for all the good we do

Beyond Bank support a number of community organisations across Australia who do good in our community.  Their ‘Your Vote’ program is just one way you can help Beyond Bank provide a little bit more support to groups that you are passionate about.

The ACT results are in for ‘Your Vote’ December 2015:

Ginninderra would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and recognise the contribution that the Tigers play in the local community.

The $1000 will be used to replace Ginninderra's High Jump mats which are used by athletes every weekend. The mats were donated to the Tigers following the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. They have seen many thousands of kids do their best and the Tigers are very grateful that we can now renew and invest for future generations of Ginninderra Athletes.

With the assistance of sponsors the Tigers have invested $120k into local facilities that benefit the whole community over the last 5 years. The Tigers hope to continue to this level of invest in the local community and build better community as a result.

Want to further support your community group?
Help Beyond Bank support your favourite community group by opening a Community Reward Account and nominating them as the recipient. Every year Beyond Bank donate a percentage of the annual average balances to the nominated charity – so the more you save the more they can give back.

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