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Season returns for 2017

Welcome back to all our families and athletes for the second half of the 2016-17 season. Our first Meet of 2017 is Saturday 14th January getting underway from 08:30am for Under 6s to Under 8s, 09:30am for Under 9s and 10:00am for Under 10s to Open Aged Athletes.

The Tiny Tots program has concluded for the season. All Tiny Tigers however are invited to register as a Tiger Cub for the remainder of the season.

The Tigers are also now offering half price memberships for the remainder of the season. There are still discounts for family registrations.

The forecast for this Saturday is a medium (60%) chance of showers, most likely in the morning with a sunny afternoon.

With Summer in full swing the Committee wishes to remind athletes about our Hot Weather, Wet Weather and Sun & Weather Protection Policies.

We look forward to seeing everyone return from their Holidays.

Twilight Meet 11 November 2016

With the Jetstar LAACT State Relay Carnival being held on Saturday the 12 November, Ginninderra Athletics has elected to offer a Twilight Meet on the Friday night for all interested members.

The afternoon's activities will kick off at 5:30pm for all age groups. The revised Week 1 Program features a 4 event program with something for everybody.

Twilight Meet - Week 1 Program
Twilight Meet - Week 1 Program

The Open Age Group will start at 6:30pm and will allow older athletes in the U12s to Under 17s to participate in their events. More events for the Open program may be offered depending on demand.

There will be a Canteen and BBQ for hungry athletes seeking to replenish their energy after their nominated events.

It is also not too late to join the Tigers at Woden for the Relay Carnival on Saturday morning. Speak with Helen Hopkins if you wish to attend or if things change on the day on 0412 150 437.

Family Fun and Fitness

Over the Winter months the Ginninderra Athletics Committee have been planning some many new and exciting initiatives especially for Tiny Tots, Tiger Cubs (Under 6s) and our Under 7 and 8s Boys and Girls.

Focus of Little Athletics is on Family Fun and Fitness. The Tigers are delivering an improved Weekly Program this season that keeps kids active for longer but that doesn't impact on your Saturday morning too much.

The Club House Days and the inclusion of team based Relay events gives athletes the chance to socialise and make close friends. The introduction of Team Managers of 8-10 athletes will also ensure small groups of kids are doing more of what they want.

Team Managers
Team Managers

The oval is being re-arranged from previous seasons with Tiny Tots now located at the southern end of the Oval in a bigger space and closer to the other Tigers and the Toilet facilities. We are also trialling moving the Canteen to the Southern Shed too.

Ginninderra has purchased more Shot Puts and Discus for the younger age groups. We will paint each Saturday pop-up throwing circles too give Teams the chance to do the event at their leisure without having to wait in line for a Discus Cage or a throwing Circle. Less kids and more circles means more kids throwing.

Similarly with Long Jump Pits there will be mats at both ends of the Pit so athletes can jump from either side. Giving Teams the opportunity to just get in there and do it. No fuss and no hassle.

We are also encouraging Teams in the younger age groups to focus less on Centimetres in their throws and jumps, instead clearing or achieving a line of personal accomplishment each time they participate. This is not the Olympics and we are here for their enjoyment.

For our older youngsters, the Under 8s, they will enjoy two new events the 700m run and the Scissors Jump (High Jump).

Our Teams will again be supported by the Junior Coaches who will help guide the kids in the basics of each event.

For Parents unsure on how to assist at an event like raking, measuring, spiking or spotting jumps and throws, we have developed some quick and easy guides with illustrations on how to help. Most activities take 15-20 minutes and only happen twice each Saturday. So while you are at the oval encouraging your child there's an easy way to really get in on the action and make the day go smoother for everyone.


Navigating Athletics 101

This season navigating your way from the Straight Track to the Walks and back to the Discus Area will be far more easier thanks to the new Event Flags positioned clearly at each Location.

There is simply an Event Flag for nearly everything which is perfect for first time visitors to the Club or even for those who get a little lost along the way. Navigating across an Oval can be daunting for those unfamiliar with where everything is located.

Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field
Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field

Even for those Members who are returning in 2016-17 there has been changes over the off-season. The most obvious is the trial of the Canteen to the Southern Shed this season. The Club is essentially basing itself from that end (subject to your feedback).

Its not just finding your way to an Event that we have been working on, you'll find Cheat Sheets for Parents who volunteer at their child's track and field events. There is easy to understand short role descriptions focusing on the basics for things like starting, time keeping, place judgingrakingmeasuringspiking or spotting jumps and throws, we have developed some quick and easy guides some with videos on how to help.

Did you know that most Jumps and Throws take 15-20 minutes and only happen twice each Saturday. So while you are at the oval encouraging your child, offering to assist doing the above roles is an easy way to really get in on the action and make the day go smoother for everyone. The more Helpers we have means our focus remains on Family Fun and Fitness.

Also with the move to the Southern Shed, the Committee has re-organised the storage including the purchase of a Shipping Container to store training equipment including Hurdles. This will make Set-up and Pack-up a lot more easier for those rostered to help each weekend.

Hurdles Container
Hurdles Container
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