Ginninderra Athletics are looking forward to another fantastic season ahead, full of Personal Bests, fun activities and making new friends.

Ginninderra Athletics always accepts registrations for this season which begins in October and ends in March.

We will hold a Come and Try Day for every age group on Saturday 19th October 2019 from 8:30am.

Come and Try
Start 8:30
U3-5 Tiny Tots
Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
Start 8:30
U6G 100m 70m Vortex Discus
U6B 70m Vortex 100m Shot
U7G 100m Long Shot 70m
U7B Discus 100m 70m Long
U8G 700m Long 70m Turbo
U8B 700m High (S) Turbo 70m
U9G Long 100m 800m Shot
U9B Shot 100m 800m High (S)
U10G 400m Shot 100m Long
U10B 400m Long 100m Discus
U11G Long 100m 400m Discus
U11B Discus 100m 400m Triple
U12G Discus 800m Triple 100m
U12B High 800m Javelin 100m
U13G Long 200m Discus 800m
U13B Shot 200m Long 800m
U14G Javelin 800m Long 200m
U14B Javelin 800m High 200m
U15G+ Triple 200m 800m Shot
U15B+ Shot 200m 800m High
“+ Includes Open Athletes within Ginninderra Athletics Club”

Ginninderra runs a three weekly program of athletic events every Saturday morning, always offering something for everybody.

For more information checkout the Season Calendar.

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