Australian All Schools Championships

The Australian All Schools is a teams based national schools championship event. Athletics ACT sends a team to compete at this event, with the All Schools State Championships acting as the selection trial.

Australian All Schools is held over two days in November and December and all state and territories compete against each other, collecting points that go towards the team’s total.

The competition format for the Australian All Schools is a State vs State point score competition. The only age groups competing will be Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 and there is a strict limit of only two athletes from each state per event. A third athlete may be selected to compete in the Under 16 & Under 18 age groups but he/she must be Under 15 & Under 17 respectively.

All athletes must compete at the ACT Secondary All Schools State Championships in order to be considered for selection.

All athletes that place first, second or third in their events overall and are interested in being considered for selection for the Australian All Schools Championships, are requested to fill in and complete the EOI/Contact Information Form that will be available at the track on the day.

This form must be handed in at the Athletics ACT office as soon as possible after your event is complete and certainly before the end of the day’s competition. Athletes wishing to be considered for events NOT held or contested at the ACT Secondary Schools State Championships (all hurdles races, steeplechase, walks, hammer throw and pole vault) must submit the Additional Nomination Form with their best performances since 1st January 2012 by 5pm Sunday 11th November. These performances must be from traceable and recognised sources and cannot include weekly morning Little Athletics competition.