Athletics ACT

The Athletics ACT Summer Series commences in October.

For Senior Athletics dates check the Athletics ACT 2014-15 Calendar.
Programs detailing what events will be held at the meets will be available on the website as soon as they are finalised.
Volunteering Duties
As per previous summer series, Athletics ACT registered members are required to volunteer at two meets during the season (4 per family). AACT meets would not be able to be held, with out the assistance of the volunteers at each meet. As a thank you for volunteering, your next entry to a Summer Series Meet will be free of charge.
Registered members are asked to email the office their preferred dates to volunteer at
Entry Procedure
An entry form will be available on the website prior to each meet and also available at the meet. Please download the entry form, complete it and bring it with you to the Commonwealth Room at the AIS track. Forms and entry fees (TBC) must be received in the Commonwealth Room at least 30 minutes prior to your first event.
Who can Enter?
The meets are open to registered members of Athletics ACT, ACT Veterans Club and interstate registered athletes. If you are not a registered member, you can still come out and compete by taking out a one day registration. Entry fees will be announced soon for both categories. Athletes must be turning 12 years of age by December 31 to be eligible to participate at Athletics ACT meets.
Registering with Athletics ACT
Dual Registration with Athletics ACT is open to athletes who are registered with ACT Little Athletics up to the Under 15 age group. 

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