Australian Junior Championships

10th – 15th March 2015
How do I qualify to compete at the Australian Junior Championships?

All athletes must turn 12 – 19 by the 31st of December 2014, and be a member of an affiliated Australian Member Association.

There are two (2) ways to qualify for the championships

Rule (1) Entry via Achieving Entry Standard


Any athlete who achieves the entry standard (s) as set out in the Athletics Australia Entry Standards within the qualifying period is automatically qualified for the Championships. An athlete must achieve the standard with the correct implement weight or hurdle height.


Entry Standards here.


Rule (2) Entry via Place at Championships


  • Any athlete who places in the first three at their ‘home’ State Junior Championships is automatically qualified for the National Championships. This can be at either the State All Schools Championships or at the State Championships conducted by Member Associations.
  • In the case of the All Schools (where competition is held in the previous year) athletes will automatically qualify up; that is to say the first three in the 2012 State All Schools U15 100 metres would be qualified for the 2012 U16 100 metres. For athletes in events where the implement weight or hurdle height changes post 1 January, the “Entry by Place” rule still applies.


How do I enter to compete at the Australian Junior Championships?


Entries may only be submitted by Member Associations or in the case of overseas athletes by National Federations or organisations approved by them.  All overseas athletes must have met the entry standards.


All athletes must enter and abide by their Member Associations Entry Rules. They differ from State to State. To be up to date and have the correct entry procedure for your state, contact your Member Association.


Which Age Group Am I?

An athletes age is determined as the age they are at the 31st December 2013. The table below illustrates the ages for this competition.

Year of Birth Age Group
2000 or 2001 Under 14
1999 or later Under 15
1998 or later Under 16
1997 or later Under 17
1996 or later Under 18
1994 or later Under 20


Under 14 Hammer Throw


After an extensive reveiw, Hammer Throw for the Under 14 year age groups have been included for the first time in 2013 on a trial basis. Further information is included in the memo below.


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