Trail to the AIS

If getting off the track is more your thing, a 10km return trip from Eastern Valley Way Inlet to the AIS (and back) is a great adventure. No matter if you prefer to walk, run or bike off-road, the trip following the Centenary Trail from Lake Ginninderra to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is a real winner.

Leaving the Belconnen Skate Park, follow up Eastern Valley Way and turn left onto College Street (on the Bruce side of the road). The Centenary Trail will soon lead you up Gossan Hill Nature Reserve where you’ll take in beautiful views of Lake Ginninderra and the Brindabellas in the distance. When you are up Gossan Hill make sure you stop and say Hello to the friendly Kangaroos who call it home.

Coming off Gossan Hill Nature Reserve near the entrance to the CIT and Calvary Hospital, cross the road at the Pedestrian Area before following the Centenary Trail along the footpath towards CIT. Take the first right from the footpath into Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve (part of Canberra Nature Park) and follow the trail towards the Calvary Veterans Walking Track. Take the first fire trail to your left (north) as you start towards the AIS.

Follow the trail until it ends at Gungahlin Drive and then re-join the footpath opposite the AIS athletics track. Cross the footpath nearer the GDE underpass to head down to the AIS, stopping at the entrance to the Athletics Track. That completes your 5km first leg. Grab a bite at the Visitors Centre, take part in activities at the AIS or have a run at the Athletics Track, before heading back the way you came to return to Lake Ginninderra. When you cross into Gossan Hill Nature Reserve take an alternative path around or over the Hill for a new adventure.