University of Canberra

The centre of the Bruce campus of the University of Canberra is only 1km from John Knight Memorial Park on Lake Ginninderra. A short walk or scooter ride under Aikman Drive along the Pedestrian Path takes you straight to the UC Concourse.

The Pine Tree forest is a natural attraction to the “Roos of UC”, the Eastern Grey Kangaroo. The UC Campus has a number of architecturally interesting buildings including the “Egg Cartons” student residences just opposite the Pine Tree forest and the Futuro House.

There are a number of onsite eateries including Oscars Bakery which opens early and makes the short walk a real reward with delicious Turkish inspired breads and great coffee. Oscars is located on market street, Telita Street at the top of the Pathway from Lake Ginninderra, within the UniLodge precinct. There are also other options at the UC Refectory and the UC Student Union.

The Bruce campus has medical facilities available to the General Public and on-site student accommodation. There is also grass ovals, a gymnasium (train like a Brumby or a Canberra Capital), tennis courts and a library.