Water Sports

Lake Ginninderra is the go to destination in Belconnen for all Water Sport activities. With convenient Boat Ramps on the Western Foreshore and the Northern Peninsula as well as Jettys and Beaches scattered along Lake Ginninderra’s edges, there are plenty entry points to the waters edge.


Recently more than 25,000 native Murray Cod have been released into Lake Ginninderra in an effort to help balance the lake’s ecosystems. The move comes as part of the ACT government’s annual fish stocking program, which aims to promote healthy populations of native fish in Canberra lakes that would otherwise consist of pest species like the European Carp. Golden Perch and Redfin can also be found in Lake Ginninderra. Try a combination of celtas and small hard body lures; as well as good old garden worms have been catching their fair share of fish, rigged with a longer, light leader and small running sinker.

Powered Boats

You can use a powered boat on Lake Ginninderra and no approval is required if a powered boat travels under 10 knots.  Approval is required if you travel more than ten knots by contacting Access Canberra.


 A water-skiing trial was conducted on Lake Ginninderra in 2012. After the trial it was decided that water-skiers training for competition could do so on Lake Ginninderra when Molonglo Reach was closed. TAMS (ACT Government) were quoted at the time as suggesting that Water ski training will only be permitted on the western arm of Lake Ginninderra, parallel to the east bank and adjacent to Diddams Close. 

Stand Up Paddle Boards, Canoes and Kayaks

Lake Ginninderra has a surface area of 1.05 square kilometres (0.41 sq mi) and an average depth of 3.5 metres (11 ft). The classic U shape of the Lake makes it ideal to navigate with a paddle.


Swimming is permitted in Lake Ginninderra. As it is an open inland water way, some areas can be susceptible to Blue Green Algae. Check the signage at each Beach entry point before entering the water at that location.

Water Play

John Knight Memorial Park has a wonderful running rapid from the top of the Woodland Fitness Trail through to the waterfall on the Lake’s edge. Each beach on the Lake Foreshore offers its own chances to build sand castles, play on the waters edge and interact with nature. Yerra Beach has its own Water Pontoon for those keen enough to swim out to it. A number or the larger beaches have buoys in the water to protect younger children going too deep into the water.