Belconnen Arts Centre Foreshore Path Link

The Belconnen Arts Centre Foreshore Path link construction project on Lake Ginninderra near the Belconnen Arts Centre is underway building a new shared pedestrian and cycle path and associated landscape improvements that complete the missing link in the Lake Ginninderra foreshore path network, improve landscape amenity in adjacent public open space and integrating with the Belconnen Arts Centre.

The project includes demolition works, infill into the lake, land reclamation, shared path construction, construction of an over water walkway, lookout platforms, lighting and landscaping.

The site consists of grassy areas between the Arts Centre and the lake, and the angular Inlet that ends in stone steps leading into the water. A pier and two corners trap rubbish that floats in the lake.

A 3.5 metre-wide asphalt shared path will connect with the proposed 3.5 metre-wide steel walkway over the water which will link to the existing path and public space at the Inlet to the west of the Belconnen Arts Centre.

The walkway includes two lookout platforms and rest areas on either side of the inlet, the western side close to water level and the eastern side connecting to the existing path infrastructure that continues along the lakeshore to Emu Bank Eat Street.

It will consist of bored piers with a steel frame, a mesh grating deck and kerbed edging with a shroud to deflect water for improved circulation and to prevent water-borne rubbish accumulating on the foreshore.

The open space will be landscaped, including with tree plantings to the east and west of the Belconnen Arts Centre, and a mini-wetlands established. An open lawn area with a power bollard between the Belconnen Arts Centre and the walkway will be a space for special events.

The wetland areas are proposed to be adjacent to the walkway to provide an ”over-water experience” for walkers and cyclists as well as to filter water from the stormwater outlet at the north-eastern corner of the existing car park. There will be no planting beneath the walkway.

Stone logs along the eastern and western edges of the foreshore will mitigate water erosion and allow for direct access to the lake.

Expected completion date: mid 2021