Bimbi Beach

Bimbi Beach is an ideal place for a family picnic amongst the planted native and exotic trees whilst observing the many species of water birds. The adjacent park has a playground and BBQ facilities. Entrance to Bimbi Beach is via Diddams Close.

There is an enclosed dog exercise area nearby which is great for the dogs and an opportunity to socialise with other dog owners. The dog park, located about 50 metres from the car park, offers spacious, fully enclosed areas for large and small dogs. You may wish to take advantage of the dog park off leash space at the beginning or the end of your walk. 

From Bimbi Beach, take a family friendly 2.5km walk around the northern peninsula. Walk lakeside down to the jetty and through the mature eucalypts and exotic tree plantations to Diddams Close Park. Return via the shorter grassland route and keep your eyes open for Kangaroos and the odd cow grazing.

Bimbi Beach is directly opposite Canberra Lake Estate and is connected to the other side of the lake via the Ginninderra Bridge which offers stunning views of the Lake Ginninderra Skyline. A short walk north of Bimbi Beach along the Pedestrian Path takes you to Ginninderra Creek with views of Lawson Foreshore and the Naval Transmitting Station.

Bimbi Beach is home to a local Cockatoo Colony in the Gum Forest which is worth a visit in the early mornings to hear their chorus-like deafening screeches.