Evatt Wetlands

On the north west edge of Lake Ginninderra, just over the Ginninderra Creek Dam Wall, lies the Evatt Wetlands, connected to Lake Ginninderra via the Spillway.

The Evatt Wetlands in West Belconnen is one of the biggest of the ACT Healthy Waterways sites. It includes two wetlands, a sediment pond, a vegetated swale and the rehabilitation of a degraded anabranch on two sites about 400m apart. 

Starting from the Lake Ginninderra Weir below the Spillway, Ginninderra Creek flows into the Evatt Wetlands and then westerly towards Charnwood, following beside Ginninderra Drive until it passes underneath the road towards Macgregor.

The Wetlands begin 400m from Diddams Close Park and is easily accessible via the Lake Ginninderra Pedestrian Path. Taking the path towards Evatt, you follow Ginninderra Creek through the Wetlands where there are Playgrounds and Seating for observing Wild Life. The Path crosses Ginninderra Creek via a bridge with views towards Charnwood and back to Lake Ginninderra. On the other side of the bridge, you can follow a track along the opposite side of the Creek back towards the Spillway. There is a hidden stone crossing over the Creek which is only accessible when the Creek is not over flowing.

The Evatt Wetlands is the western arm of Ginninderra Creek and it is separated from the northern arm of Ginninderra Creek by Diddams Close Park and the Northern Peninsula.

The North Belconnen Landcare Group host regular activities and working bees along the Ginninderra Creek Corridor from Lake Ginninderra to Copland Drive on a Saturday, check their website for more details.